Evacuation Plan for Home Fire: What to do Before, During, and After a Fire Disaster
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Evacuation Plan for Home Fire: What to do Before, During, and After a Fire Disaster

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Fire is among the most destructive forces in nature. Structures can be severely damaged or destroyed in minutes, requiring a professional fire damage restoration service in Phoenix to help restore the property in the aftermath.

When it comes to fire safety and prevention, preparation is key. Having a plan in place and knowing what to do during and after a fire will save lives. It will also minimize potential property damage and personal injuries.

Fire Safety, Preparedness

Keeping fresh batteries in smoke detectors throughout your house will provide a crucial warning system. However, smoke detectors are just the start of a comprehensive plan to be prepared in the event of a fire. Some additional steps to take in order to be ready for the worst-case scenario include:

Evacuation Plan

It is essential that everyone in the house has an escape plan in place to get out if there is a fire. Every room in the house should have two evacuation options and escape routes should be practiced on a regular basis. Determine a meeting place to gather outside the home if evacuations are needed.

See The Light

Even if a fire occurs during the day, interior obstructions and smoke will make it difficult to see a safe path out. Make sure there are flashlights with fresh batteries accessible in every room.

Basic Fire Evacuation Rules

For adults and kids alike, a refresher course in basic skills is always welcome. Simple instructions like “stop, drop, and roll,” and feeling doors for heat before opening have helped keep people safe for decades.

What To Do When a Fire Breaks Out

The wisest advice can often be the toughest to follow. During a fire, it is to avoid panicking. Remaining calm will help keep your mind clear, allowing you to remember the plan and give you and your family a better chance to get out safely.

Save Yourself, Your Family

As valuable and meaningful as some of your most precious personal belongings may be, none of them matter if you or a loved one is injured or killed in a fire. The only thing you should be concerned with is getting everyone out safely.

How Low Can You Go?

Heat and smoke rise, so it is essential to stay as low to the ground as possible as you attempt to make your way out. Covering your mouth and nose with a dry cloth will help to prevent inhalation of damaging fumes or smoke.

What to Do After a Fire?

Surviving a home fire is a devastating experience. There are things that need to be done in the immediate aftermath that will help to minimize the damage and the costs for fire damage restoration service.

Emergency Medical Care

Anyone who was exposed to the fire or smoke needs to be treated by an emergency medical professional immediately. Smoke inhalation can have devastating and delayed consequences.

Stay Out

Do not return to the structure until fire authorities have approved re-entry after structural inspection.

Contact the Professional Fire Damage Restoration Experts

Once everyone is safe and attended to, and your home is deemed safe to enter, it is time to start the process of restoring your home. The restoration specialists at Cardinal Clean will make sure your Phoenix property looks good as new.

Contact our extraordinary customer service team for a free estimate for our expert fire damage restoration service in Phoenix today.

Evacuation Plan for Home Fire: What to do Before, During, and After a Fire Disaster
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