Easy Ways To Remove Smoke Smell After A Fire Break-Out
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Easy Ways To Remove Smoke Smell After A Fire Break-Out

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Fire can cause long-term damage to your property. This makes it necessary to hire a professional clean-up and restoration crew to help your property become livable again. At Cardinal Clean, we offer expert fire damage restoration and smoke smell removal in Phoenix. We will make sure there’s no lingering smoke odor in your property. Here’s a look at how to remove the smell:

1. Air Out The Premises

The first step is to remove all smoke from the indoors, and you can do this only if you air out the premises. Don’t just open all doors and windows because that’s not very effective. Here’s a look at what you should do:

Open the entrance door and place a large fan outside it. An industrial-size fan will be most effective.
Close all the doors and windows except one window. This should preferably be on the side opposite to the        entryway.
Switch on the fan and make sure it is working at its highest speed setting.
Let it run for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

It will push all the stale, smoke odor-filled air out through the open window and clear the smoke odor from the room faster. Repeat this process by opening another window in a different section of the property until the entire place is aired.

2. Clean All Fabrics

Fabrics absorb all the smoke smells, and the odor can linger for days because of it. You need to clean all fabrics thoroughly, and this includes pillows, pillowcases, upholstery, carpets, curtains and drapes, covers and bed sheets, tablecloth, etc. Getting these items professionally washed or dry cleaned is the best option. Professionals will know how to remove the odor without damaging the fabrics.

3. Clean All Hard Surfaces

Smoke particles can linger on hard surfaces and cause odor. They can sink into porous materials like wood and drywall and continue to emit the smoke smell for several weeks. You need to clean all hard surfaces, including walls and floors to remove these smoke particles. A combination of dish-washing liquid and water will work well and remove all odors. You can also call a smoke odor eliminator in Phoenix to handle the clean-up. We use proven solutions that remove all traces of smoke effectively, without causing any damage to your property.

You will need to hire a professional for a thorough HVAC clean to eliminate any lingering odor. The smoke particles in the filters and vents will spread once again if the system isn’t clean.

Cardinal Clean provides reliable smoke smell removal in Phoenix. If you want to get more information or need a free consultation, call 480-247-7724 or fill out this form. We’re here to help you 24/7.

Easy Ways To Remove Smoke Smell After A Fire Break-Out
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