5 Popular Ways to Eliminate Odors
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5 Popular Ways to Eliminate Odors

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Have you ever experienced an extremely unpleasant odor that persists, despite you using scented candles or air fresheners? Although these candles and fresheners can work in the moment, they never last as they’re short-term solutions to eliminating odors.

Odors can be of many kinds, such as:

These are the kind of odors that circulate within an environment, and over time, become a permanent part of your home or commercial building.

This is not at all ideal the ideal situation when you have friends or family over, and more-so, these odors are not beneficial for your own health.

It is a misconception that our bodies adapt to odors; consequently, odor eliminators are extremely necessary. While it may be true that odors can stop bothering you over time, odors can negatively impact your health.

If you’re sick of unpleasant scents in your home or working environment, here are five popular technique to remove odors:

  1. Seal it off: Like air fresheners, even thoroughly scrubbing a surface doesn’t seem to do the trick. Drastic measures are necessary, and one method would be by sealing off the surface, whether that’s a floor, counter or even outdoor furniture that smells.Clear sealants or paint primers are the way to go for this particular technique. These primers lock the smell inside the surface which it has invaded.
  2. Ozone Generator: Using an ozone generator may be expensive, but it is one of the most effective ways to eliminate odors. These generators use molecular technology to change the composition of an odor, thus making it smell less. Ozone generators ensure that the chemical composition of an odor is no longer the same, hence changing the smell.
  3. Foggers: Foggers come in two varieties – they will either be cold fogging/misting or they will be hot/thermal fogging. Through this technique, either the cold or hot gas is released into space with an odor, and this fog releases molecules that are capable of pairing with odor molecules to eradicate them. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of unpleasant scents because this technique can be applied almost anywhere.
  4. Hydroxyl Generators: These generators are nowadays considered far safer and more effective than ozone generators. This is because they are the second strongest oxidant and are approximately a million times more reactive than ozone. These generators work in the same way as ozone generators, but the added benefit is that they break down more odor molecules than do ozone generators.
  5. Absorption: There are several substances and agents that may be used to absorb bad odors from the air, rather than adding something new to the environment. Absorption techniques are often considered superior to others because they are friendly not only to the environment but also safe for pets and children as well. To carry this out in the best possible way, you should contact professionals.

Absorption is one of the best ways to eliminate odors, you should contact a professional near you to do the job!

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5 Popular Ways to Eliminate Odors
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